5 Ways to Incorporate Lagom Into Your Lifestyle

Hello and welcome to our brand new website. We've been active on social media for over 4 years and decided to create a space to combine each of the elements of our content into one hub: LivingLifeLagom.com. Our passion is to help you discover new ways to incorporate Lagom into your lifestyle- but you may be asking what is Lagom?

Lagom is a Swedish term for finding the perfect balance in life. It doesn't have a direct translation to English, however, can be implemented across all areas of your lifestyle. Our experience with social media has shown us that often complications arise when people struggle to find the balance between using social media as a positive outlet vs a negative one. Therefore, by introducing Lagom into your life both physically and virtual, you can help make the online space a little more positive as well as making the most out of every day. This is also a journey for us- to introduce even more aspects of Lagom into our lives. During this difficult and uncertain time, we rely on many of the core values of Lagom and are stripped back to the basics- health, relationships, and community.

So, how can you live a bit more Lagom?...


We are lucky enough to be based in the eclectic, wonderful and open seaside city of Brighton on the south coast of the UK. Our inspiration often comes from exploring new places in and around our area. Some of my favourite days from the past year weren't ones where we spent money- but simple activities like going on a picnic with friends/family or taking a walk along the coast. Yes, we are lucky to live in this beautiful area, but beauty can be found anywhere and getting outside is so important when you can. As a child, Summer spent a lot of time in Sweden at her grandparent's home in the Swedish countryside which has inspired many aspects of adopting this lifestyle.


During this current difficult and anxious time, health has become a top priority across the world- and always should be. A positive effect of the pandemic has been for us a new appreciation for health and has inspired many online to take after themselves too. For some, this may be implementing exercise into their daily routine, for others taking care of themselves by taking time out to relax away from the pressures of a regular busy life. There are no right or wrong answers- each of us needs different things to help us through these situations. In the same way, Lagom can mean for us to find balance within our own personal lifestyle. During this time we've focused on gentle exercise, a flexible routine and a mix of nutritious and delicious food- Swedish Cinnamon Bun anyone?


Consumer culture in the UK and across the world has evolved into a world of very fast fashion and excess. As a style blogger, I do feel I have contributed to this previously, which is why I have tried to find a balance between my love for fashion and sustainable choices. This is a journey that will continue to evolve, however, I'm starting by making more conscious decisions about what I buy- do I need it? Will I get use out of it? Will it be a key staple in my wardrobe? Does it fit with my current lifestyle? It's a difficult balance to get right but being conscious of it is the first step. One thing I do love supporting is local businesses such as the vast amount of cute coffee shops in Brighton. Spending time in Sweden I absolutely love the tradition of taking time out in the afternoon to have tea and cake ("Fika") and that's something I often spend some time at the weekend investing in!


Making the most of your home and space is important to help inspire and encourage productivity. For example, someone who works from home may benefit from a clean and clear workspace to help reduce distraction as this can often be difficult when working from your own house- however, also make the most of the luxuries working from home can bring such as appreciating making your own special tea or coffee, or using a garden to have your lunch outside. By building calming surroundings, this just goes to show how you can make the most out of your experiences.

This can also be translated into your online space. Like many bloggers, we struggled with finding the balance between what we wanted to create and what our audience might want to see. Using our platform for positive change such as using Instagram to spread awareness of important causes, or to provide some escapism for our followers in a YouTube vlog helps to give our content a purpose.


As previously mentioned, our online space has become increasingly important over the past few years. Don't underestimate- your favourite content creators have probably too had moments they hate social media. But, it's the building of a positive community online that can help change that. That's why we wanted to build this hub for our online audience. Lagom is all about the connections we make through living this lifestyle and I can't wait to share some more posts. From help with your social media, styling tips, baking some Swedish treats or trying to live more Lagom in this busy world, there will be plenty of content coming up! In the meantime, be sure to say hi on our other platforms:

Summer's Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/summeregibson/

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Our YouTube Vlogs- www.youtube.com/summerollie

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